Saturday, September 22, 2012

How are they related?

So I found this diagram , and I thought it would be nice to share it.
I know it isn't complete but here you can have some fun seeing the relations between champions without reading all the Lore.

Larger version


  1. cant find Lux. sister of garen!

  2. This game is fucking garbage.

    1. your troll fu is weak ^_^

    2. This will make everyone stop playing it!

  3. Blitzcrank came with a soul. Piddly or however it's spelled is still alive.

  4. then why the fuck are you on a lol page if the game is garbage?
    fucking asshole.

  5. brand's host is from lockfar
    lux is garen's sister
    evelynn is said to come from the shadow isles, as is hecarim
    leona and diana came from a mountain near the one pantheon comes from, if not the same (i can't remember)
    ryze's power origanted from the howling marsh, from the lady known as lilith
    maokai awoke in the twisted treeline
    nautilus's power came from the depths, but he reapeared in bilgewater
    fizz also apeared in bilgewater
    caitlyn is the cherif of piltover
    jayce lives in piltover
    darius and draven lives in noxus
    swain lives in noxus
    fiddlesticks was not created in zaun, but in the institue of war. his creator was a zaunite
    nocturne awoke in summoners rift.
    renekton apeared in zaun
    and then there are the champs kept in the institue of war, such as fiddlesticks, kog'maw, cho'gath, nocturne, brand and some others.

    i don't know how old this is, but it's kind of a crappy job