Thursday, May 31, 2012

Draven Art Spotlight , the Brother of Darius

Here we have the brother of Darius, DRAVEN.

It seems to me that he his going to be an AD carry, like Sivir he seems to throw his swords.
Let's see what we have, another incredibly strong champion like his brother is? 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free champion rotation week 27

Here's the free rotation for this week! On the end I'll be saying some stuff about each champion


Amumu is a great champion,a really great tank and you can even make it to kill more and tank less. You should jungle with him. Take W as the first skill, ask for a pull on blue buff and then level up E, it will make jungle easy as a cake. I suggest that you try it out. It's a personal favorite


Anivia must be one of the most difficult to learn champions there are. She can be very powerful in the right hands. A good champion to play in mid.


A powerful AD carry normally misunderstood and misused. Her ultimate takes so much damage if she has some items.


A squishy squishy champion, but if she starts to snowball no one stops her... Her ultimate can be used more than once in a teamfight and his damage is less if you exhaust her. Played as AP mid.


The second AD carry with more range. His ultimate is great and he can be really useful for a team with the ultimate and the slow.


Nasus is a good champion if you know how to farm properly , if you farm his Q and make him tank , he will be a beast. The problem is that he is easy to counter in lane.


Great support, will make your AD carry stay in lane for ages! It can also be played as AP mid.


Normally played at solo top, has a great ulti but for me he is nothing special, but always as all champions he can be powerful.


Played as AP mid. You need to farm your Q, it gives you ability power if you kill the minion or champion you hit with it. He's the mage with most burst damage. This little wizard is a great champion but hard to master!


Usually played in jungle. Nothing special I believe.

Monday, May 28, 2012

League of Legends Top Plays Week 71

Today I bring to you some nice plays, I'll try to add it weekly so you can follow. It is done by Protatomonster,not me. Enjoy!

A warding guide like you never saw before

So I bet that you, fans of LoL, want to be the best , so you possibly searched for warding guides...
If you are like me you didn't liked them, found them boring.
I'm here to change that, I'll show you the proper way of warding in first person, you will now see what is warding, not just a map with places where to put wards.

For the new ones, you will find that this guide will be easier to understand than the general guides that are out there.
This guide will have a short and a long version , the long will have tips and tricks for warding. The short will only have the images with marks where to ward ( it will be in the end of the post together with the pictures for the general).

The basics

There are two types of wards:

Sight Wards  
Vision Wards
Sight Wards - These wards reveal an area of the map(1100 units)they last for 3 minutes and cost 75gold.
Vision Wards - These wards reveal an area of the map (1000 units) including stealthed    units(champions and wards), they cost 125 gold and last for 3 minutes.
Only if you are in the role of support or if your team is going to start baron you don't need to buy Vision Wards.

I'll give you some facts about wards

  • If you place a ward in the range of an enemy tower, it will be visible but won't be attacked by the tower.
  • You can place wards through walls, this is pretty handy to save you time and it is a safest way to place your wards.
  • When you place a ward in a brush, all the brush will be visible.
  • You can teleport to them, that will make them to become visible but invulnerable to attacks.
  • A ward is only destroyed by auto-attacks.
  • If you click on a ward you can see how many time your placed ward has left.
  • If you are playing with Lee Sin or Jax you can jump to them( Q from Jax , and W from Lee sin).
  • You can stack 5 wards in one equipment slot.

Now I'll teach you how to properly ward considering your position.

Solo Top

If you are in top you won't need many wards at the beginning.
You really SHOULD buy some defensive wards, you can place them in the first brush of the river,or near it, and in the tri-brush.
What for you ask ? Just to spend 75 gold you say?
These wards can save your life.
The river ward will provide vision if someone comes to gank you, so you can fall back and hug the tower.
The tri-bush ward will protect you from ganks that come from the inner jungle, and when you are pushing your lane, some junglers are smart and don't come from the river.
Top river

After you destroy the enemy top tower

You should keep placing the same wards as above but you should also put wards inside their jungle, near red buff for example. Pictures in the end


This is one of the roles that needs to buy more wards! Since you are the jungler you should buy defensive and offensive wards.
In the beginning you should ward the river since you want to gank and need to see if someone from the enemy team places wards or if they are alone passing in the river, that could be an opportunity to gain an easy kill. 
A good item for AD junglers is wriggle's lantern , it gives you armor , life steal and you have a free ward each 3minutes.
So the places for you to ward are:

Your red buff, in the brush so you can see the buff and people coming.
Your blue buff, again in the brush. Or near the entrances.

If you see the enemy jungler in top lane for example get that opportunity and ward their blue buff. If you see him in bottom lane you should ward the red buff . If he just died or won't respawn in some seconds just choose and go ward it.

You should also help your teammates and if mid isn't warding you should ward it, same to bott and top.


If you are mid you will have principally two choices, ward far or ward near. What I want to say with this is that you must adapt to circumstances. I'll explain you that.

You are playing an almost impossible to gank champion, for example : Morgana, LeBlanc , Sion... etc. Champions that have stuns, bindings, flash like abilities . 
In this situation you can ward near, so you should ward both sides of the river in the first brush.

You are playing a Champion with low escapes, so you need to ward far. In this case you should ward in the second brush , or in the entrance of their jungle, so you can see the river and the jungle. With this wards you will have enough time to run away.

The enemy team has a jungler that has leap abilities (Lee sin, Jax, Alistar...). In this case you should also ward like said before.


In bottom due to the current META of the game it is going to be the support to buy the wards.
So you are the support where should you ward?
In the beginning you should ward the river. There are many ways to ward it.
I normally ward it in the first brush or near the corner before dragon.
You should also ward Dragon, in a way that you see the entrance for their blue and the Dragon.
The bottom brushes should also be warded sometimes, since the jungler can be there and gank, not usual although.
After you destroy the bottom turret you should start to ward all the map. The most important places to ward are the buffs, yours and the enemy ones, but be careful, when you want to ward the enemy jungle you must ask for help or use CV before.
Also try to ward the most brushes possible, near the corners so you have more vision.

Short Version 

Solo Top

The yellow ones are before destroying the tower, red ones after destroying.


Yellow ones are the essential ones, red ones are when your team starts  to push more and you have to be aggressive, blue ones are defensive when their team pushes and invades.


Same as solo top, yellow before tower destruction , red after.


Yellow ones are in the beginning, red are when your team starts to push and also when the other does it, you're the support after all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

General Guide to improve your skills

This will be the first guide that I'll post on the blog. It will cover general tips and basic concepts, hope this improve your game .

So first of all I'll present to you a little dictionary on LoL concepts.

  • ss - An abbreviation of "missing". You should text this to your teammates all the times that your opponent is missing in lane! Most of the times is a matter of life or death.
  • op - "Overpowered", you use this when you think a champion it's stronger than it should be. Often misused.
  • feed- When someone dies many times for a champion , for example, Varus is with a score 4 0 3 , he is being feed.
  • pull/leash - When your jungler requests one it means he needs you to give the first attack on the blue buff (Ancient Golem) or on  the red buff (Lizard Elder).
  • nerf - A change to a champion that makes him worst.
  • buff - A change to a champion that makes him better.
  • GL&HF - "Good luck & Have Fun"
  • mia - The same as "ss", some people like to say this instead of ss.
  • gg - Good game
  • gj - Good job

Lizard Elder
Ancient Golem
After the dictionary a general guide, somethings that you shouldn't do and somethings that you should and normally don't.

You should:
-Always be nice in every circumstances.
-Always buy a ward or 2 (if you are mid), 75 gold it's worth less than a kill for the enemy.
-Play safe 
-Last hit! ( For those who are new to the game and don't know what it is, last hit is the act of giving the last hit   on a minion to gain the gold he gives, attention it is just the last hit, so you don't auto attack , auto attacking will push your lane and you will be in disadvantage and a target for ganking.)
-Don't ever forget to say ss.
-When someone asks for help try to do it.
-Try to learn how to use smartcasting the sooner possible
-Learn how to play properly at least 4 roles

You shouldn't :
-Flame your teammates
-Do tower dives when you are low level, only if it is a secure kill, like I said before, play safe.
-Don't ignore when your team needs your help.
-Only stick to one role.

Well this is just a general guide with general tips, I will bring more detailed ones for you guys. Some question just leave a comment and I'll be glad to answer it.

Thanks for viewing

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to ownage !

Hi there guys. 
I'm going to talk about what the blog will be.

I'll have the detailed new related to League of Legends, I'll write personalized guides for every champion and general guides to help you improve!! Beside that you will have fun videos to watch and you can ask me anything you want!

Hope you guys like it and follow it. I'll start posting soon.
For those who don't know League of Legends here's a video so you can see what it is, and hopefully start playing it .

Here is the official website :