Thursday, May 24, 2012

General Guide to improve your skills

This will be the first guide that I'll post on the blog. It will cover general tips and basic concepts, hope this improve your game .

So first of all I'll present to you a little dictionary on LoL concepts.

  • ss - An abbreviation of "missing". You should text this to your teammates all the times that your opponent is missing in lane! Most of the times is a matter of life or death.
  • op - "Overpowered", you use this when you think a champion it's stronger than it should be. Often misused.
  • feed- When someone dies many times for a champion , for example, Varus is with a score 4 0 3 , he is being feed.
  • pull/leash - When your jungler requests one it means he needs you to give the first attack on the blue buff (Ancient Golem) or on  the red buff (Lizard Elder).
  • nerf - A change to a champion that makes him worst.
  • buff - A change to a champion that makes him better.
  • GL&HF - "Good luck & Have Fun"
  • mia - The same as "ss", some people like to say this instead of ss.
  • gg - Good game
  • gj - Good job

Lizard Elder
Ancient Golem
After the dictionary a general guide, somethings that you shouldn't do and somethings that you should and normally don't.

You should:
-Always be nice in every circumstances.
-Always buy a ward or 2 (if you are mid), 75 gold it's worth less than a kill for the enemy.
-Play safe 
-Last hit! ( For those who are new to the game and don't know what it is, last hit is the act of giving the last hit   on a minion to gain the gold he gives, attention it is just the last hit, so you don't auto attack , auto attacking will push your lane and you will be in disadvantage and a target for ganking.)
-Don't ever forget to say ss.
-When someone asks for help try to do it.
-Try to learn how to use smartcasting the sooner possible
-Learn how to play properly at least 4 roles

You shouldn't :
-Flame your teammates
-Do tower dives when you are low level, only if it is a secure kill, like I said before, play safe.
-Don't ignore when your team needs your help.
-Only stick to one role.

Well this is just a general guide with general tips, I will bring more detailed ones for you guys. Some question just leave a comment and I'll be glad to answer it.

Thanks for viewing

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