Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Free champion rotation week 27

Here's the free rotation for this week! On the end I'll be saying some stuff about each champion


Amumu is a great champion,a really great tank and you can even make it to kill more and tank less. You should jungle with him. Take W as the first skill, ask for a pull on blue buff and then level up E, it will make jungle easy as a cake. I suggest that you try it out. It's a personal favorite


Anivia must be one of the most difficult to learn champions there are. She can be very powerful in the right hands. A good champion to play in mid.


A powerful AD carry normally misunderstood and misused. Her ultimate takes so much damage if she has some items.


A squishy squishy champion, but if she starts to snowball no one stops her... Her ultimate can be used more than once in a teamfight and his damage is less if you exhaust her. Played as AP mid.


The second AD carry with more range. His ultimate is great and he can be really useful for a team with the ultimate and the slow.


Nasus is a good champion if you know how to farm properly , if you farm his Q and make him tank , he will be a beast. The problem is that he is easy to counter in lane.


Great support, will make your AD carry stay in lane for ages! It can also be played as AP mid.


Normally played at solo top, has a great ulti but for me he is nothing special, but always as all champions he can be powerful.


Played as AP mid. You need to farm your Q, it gives you ability power if you kill the minion or champion you hit with it. He's the mage with most burst damage. This little wizard is a great champion but hard to master!


Usually played in jungle. Nothing special I believe.

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