Monday, June 11, 2012

New Mode in League of Legends review

Hi there, I'll start by giving the information that you need and I'll proceed to do my review on it, feel free to comment and give your opinion. There will be screenshots in the end with proof.

The Proving Grounds

So what will we have in this map ? 
  • Increased gold rate
  • Increased Exp rate, both this rates don't are as high as on Dominion.
  • If you leave the base you can't buy until your dead.
  • You can't use recall.
  • Your base wont't heal you anymore!
  • You start at lvl 3 with 1350 gold, just like in Dominion.
  • You have 4 spots where it will spawn health/mana just like in Dominion.
  • LIKE MANY PEOPLE THINK, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO RANDOM! You can do normal and draft pick also.
  • There are items that are blocked. ( Bloodthirster, Bloodrazor,Wards,Prospector's items, Stacking items,Lightbringer,Wriggle's or Madred's items, Odyn's Veil (Banshee's is ok),Hextech Sweeper,Guardian Angel ,Kitae's Bloodrazor ,Entropy,Sanguine)
  • Teleport is disabled too.
So my review on this map, what can we expect ?
I think this map will be cooler than dominion, it will take longer to end and it will be based on teamfights and not in conquering points, so for people that love to battle, like I do, this may be really fun to play. 
What will you need to win ? 
You will need to be smart and do tactics so you can overcome your enemy in just one lane. Since there is only one lane I don't know what the META will be... Who will farm more? Will there be a need to farm , having a passive lane ? Maybe not, and may the game will be based on Bruisers! For example, 2 bruisers , 1     Ap caster and a support maybe, only for heals and silence. 
What are your thoughts about this ? 

Can't wait to try it out and see if it will be like Dominion or better. 
Here's the proof.

The New Summoner spell!

Seems really useful. And this is supposed to substitute the recall , so you have more durability.

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