Friday, June 8, 2012

Team comp Hard Bind and CC

(UPDATED version since 9 June)
So beginning today I will bring to you something new!! Have a guess... oh wait, it is in the name of the post! Team comps that have lots of probability to be successful!
This is just a team comp, it isn't the most powerful and it isnt perfect, none is!

Team Comp Hard Bind and CC

This is a comp that I've tried with some friends and after some thinking we believe that this is a team comp really powerful. It isn't the most powerful comp of all , since there is no perfect comp, is just a comp that I find that works well in most scenarios, sometimes it will be countered, others it won't so just have fun trying it. I'll try to give other Team comps in some days.

Solo top !

The chosen one is Riven! As you guys know Riven is a powerful choice, she is tanky, does lots of damage and has lots of CC, this is what you want. She also is a counter to many META solo top champions, she has a good sustain, can do fair trades and pretty easy to farm with , later in game Riven does lots of damage and her CC can be very disruptive in a teamfight , her ultimate is handy too.

Jungle !

The chosen one for jungle will be Alistar! Or if you guys don't like to play him in the jungle you can always pick Amumu, he has lots of utility with his ultimate.Alistar has you know is a great support, an aggressive support, so why not playing him in jungle ? He has good ganks and can start to snowball , he wont be a real beast of damage, but will become your tank and the main pain in the ass for your enemy since will be throwing people in the air and giving headbutts.  

Middle !

The main one will be Morgana ( I know she his hard to get if you are playing ranked), the Binder! You farm just like putting a knife through hot butter and you have the CC from your ultimate and you bind, we're dealing with lots of damage here! If Morgana is banned.... Well you can always choose Ryze,Swain,Veigar,Annie, but the main one is Morgana! Why Morgana ? Because she is one of the most powerful AP champions, she can farm with ease, what will give her a great late game, and her bind is one of the purposes of this composition , it does lots of damage and is handy to pick the champion to eliminate and then take care of the rest of the enemy team. Her ultimate will just wreck people... And her shield is pretty handy for some friend that is in trouble. 

Bottom !

For support you will choose .... LUX! Double Bind, slow , a huge shield and a freaking killer ultimate, what could you want more for a support? And for the AD carry , it's a good idea to choose Ashe! Slow and a stun, right in our team comp! Kennen AD also is a good choice for this team composition. Some people dislike the idea of Lux and Ashe together, because Ashe as a weak start and Lux is a weak support without heal or whatever , but, in this composition it works pretty well. Just bind and harass , playing safe unless Alistar comes for a gank , and if Alistar comes for a gank, and uses Pulverize Lux will just Bind them and BANG! It's over! So the bottom lane just needs a bit of help starting, that's the purpose of Alistar, once they reach level 6 it will be much easier . Since many people said , and I think it is correct, Nunu would also be a good support, since it would be slow like hell!!! 

Hope you guys like it , I'll be waiting for your comments!


  1. The only problem I can see here is with your bot lane comp. If the other team has Graves and Soraka, they'll probably just outsustain you if you don't get an early advantage with or without help from your jungler. Jungle Alistar is too stronk though, because you can't milk those. Just my two cents! If you could upload some videos of your games running this comp, it'd be really helpful.

  2. Well I'll try to convince my friends to play this Comp, and possibly will give a link to download the replay, so you can check all of the lanes. Bott lane can be a bit weak, but it will be really good late game.