Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Champion rotation week 28

Here is the free champion rotation for this week, will give some thoughts on each champion at the end.


Cho'Gath can be a good choice for solo top, and if you farm your stacks from the ulti you become a beast. He can also be played in the jungle. He has alot of CC.


One of the most recent Champion, he can be played in the jungle and solo top, a good melee champion.


A powerful solo top, he his a good tank. And normally good against ap carries.


One of the champions with more roles, you can play him in the jungle,in solo top, as a support, he is really powerful. I would suggest that you five him a try.


Normally played in mid, he can be powerful but kinda hard to learn. He is a slow pusher with his turrets.


A good support with alot of CC.


Hard to farm with her, but once you start to farm and get kills she gets really really powerful


Normally played at solo top, has a great ulti , not so used in ranked.


Just had a nerf, but he really is the master of harassment! A fun champion to play, give it a try.


Usually played at Mid. He is considered the counter of AP carries. Has great mobility but often banned.

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